312 Highland

The Beta Chapter House is located at 312 Highland Road, a place with an extensive history of its own: in 1908, Professor Jeremiah Jenks leased the land to build a house. The house, designed by Cornell Architecture students, was a marvel of the day because of its solid cement construction. After several transactions, the house came into the possession of Claude Smith, of the family that built Ithaca Gun, the leading industry of the day. Smith allegedly killed his wife in the house, and her ghost supposedly haunts Room 4 on stormy nights. Claude's heir, Helen Brock Smith, came into the house in 1931. She rented the house to Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity, who then bought the land in 1938. Sigma Alpha Mu let go of the house when they closed for WWII, and, after another owner, Kappa Delta Rho purchased the land on June 30, 1952.

The most notable change in the house since ΚΔΡ took over was the addition of a new wing in 1967. The addition more than doubled the capacity of the house and met the needs of the growing brotherhood. The house at 312 Highland Road has served as home to hundreds of brothers and will be home for hundreds more.