Mission Statement


The following statement of mission was written in 2002 and has been adopted as the guidelines to which we as a chapter focus our efforts. This is the vision that we ask all the actives and alumni of Beta Chapter to adhere to and promote:

The Kappa Delta Rho Pathfinder states that the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity is a lifetime brotherhood, dedicated to the continuing character development of its members through fellowship, leadership, scholarship, service, and tradition.
We of the Beta Chapter of Kappa Delta Rho are committed to developing our brothers beyond the education that Cornell University offers and to molding them into Men of Honor. For, as indicated by our Latin motto “Honor Super Omnia”, we hold Honor Above All Things.
As young men enrolled at Cornell University, we commit ourselves to scholarship, using each day to educate ourselves in our chosen field. However, though the rigors of college education develop us academically, our potential for growth goes beyond those lessons taught in the classroom. This is where the Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity plays an important role in the growth and development of young men at Cornell.
Being a brother of Kappa Delta Rho signifies much more than simply being a member of a national social Fraternity. Though one of the goals of the fraternity is the social development of her brothers, there is a much larger perspective to Kappa Delta Rho, especially at the Beta Chapter.
We are men who feel a bond beyond that of friendship. We have come down the long path of life to a point that is critical to our future. College life is often hectic and stressful. By himself, a person may feel lost or unable to find himself socially, academically, or mentally. By joining as brothers, we become a family, working together to develop our relationships with each other, with our university, and with the world. Guided by fraternal spirit, we aid each other in our growth as men.
In addition to personal growth, we are here to help the community around us. Therefore we also commit ourselves to community service and the betterment of those around us. We recognize the need to take responsibility for our actions, and as Men of Honor who follow this path. We stick to our word, we stick to our friends, and we stick to our brothers.
In sum, Kappa Delta Rho is a fraternity dedicated to developing young men into leaders, friends, and men of Honor. We strive to be men who are held accountable for our actions, men who learn and adhere to responsibility, men who are considered gentlemen, and men who give back to society through our actions.
We hope that all who join us in the fraternity of Kappa Delta Rho, Beta Chapter, will hold to our ideals and, through experience with our fraternity, become a different man: a better man, a man with vision and purpose, and above all things, a man of Honor.